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Kells and Connor Primary School, Kells, Ballymena


Welcome to Kells and Connor Primary School PTA. Our PTA is organised on a voluntary basis by parents/guardians/carers of children in the school and by school staff.

All parents, carers, guardians and staff are automatically members of Kells and Connor PTA and are welcome and encouraged to attend any or all of our meetings.

Kells and Connor PS PTA is a fully insured and registered PTA and charity and works solely to raise funds for Kells and Connor Primary School, primarily by staging fundraising events, which are used to enrich our children's learning by providing additional resources which are not available within the capacity of the normal school budget.

Our PTA also organises non-profit events with the purpose of bringing parents/guardians/carers into the school and involving them in the school community.

If you are a parent/guardian/carer of a child at Kells and Connor Primary School we would really like you to feel that you have something to contribute to our PTA, no matter how big or small, we don't ask everyone to attend every meeting but it would be ideal if someone from each family could attend to help keep open ideas and communication of up and coming events.